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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  January 3, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> saturday night i'm walter perez the hunt is on for two inmates who escaped a prison from berks county and hear from a person who helped a little girl who survived a plane crash that killed annen tire family. and a tragic ending to the search for shane montgomery. >> we have done what we promised found and brought shane home. >> it was certainly not the ending they were hoping for. we heard today from shane's mother that five week search for her missing son ended today. the west chester university
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student's body was pulled from the schuylkill not far from where he was last scene. live from manayunk with details. >> sources close to this investigation say there appear to be no signs of foul play to shane montgomery's body. green ribbons and flyers have been a fixture in manayunk for the search for missing shane montgomery. now shane has been found. his body discovered fully clothed in the schuylkill river saturday, just before noon. his cellphone still on him. >> at least the family gets closure. it's not the best outcome but they get closure and get to put it to rest. >> he disappeared after a night out with friends thanksgiving morning last seen living kildare's pub. last month differs with the garden state undercovery water unit located his keys in the water. saturday they found him a half
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mile away ten feet from banks of schuylkill behind manayunk brewing company near main street and sheer's lane. >> where he was it was about waist deep and for the most part it's 6 7 foot not real deep. just moving current. >> shane's family rushed to the scene. loved ones, pastor and employees of the brewing company watched as driver's worked. >> they were set up on our deck out back. we became family with his family during the whole situation. it broke us all down because we were all out back. >> the search is over and investigation into how he died is just beginning. police sources say there are no obvious signs of foul play to his body. those that followed the details came to the river with so many questions. >> what would he have done and what happened to him is the question of what happened? >> even though this part of the schuylkill has been searched differs say scouring this large
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river was a tedious process. right now the medical examiner is conducting an autopsy to try to determine the cause of shane's death. walter, reporting live in manayunk, kenneth moton, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> all right. thank you kenneth. the search for shane spanned more than five weeks as kenneth mentioned attracting hundreds of volunteers along the way leading the effort were his parents. annie mccormick was there as his family broke the news today. >> today, we have done what we have promised. we have found and we have brought shane home. >> shane montgomery's family fought tears to say thank you shortly after volunteers discovered their 21-year-old son. >> we want to thank everyone for their support and prayers and love and ask they continue to pray for our family at this trying time. >> the people of manayunk and shane's native roxboro put flyers in shop windows and substituted annual tree lighting for candlelight vigil during the west chester university students disappearance. and a reward grew to more than
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60,000 with the help of local businesses and his parish, st. john the baptist, became ground zero for volunteer search and rescue operations out of the basement. >> he's home with god. he's home with his family. >> some parishioners entering saturday evening mass just learning the news. >> we thank god and we've been praying every day for him that they would find him for the parents. >> shane's uncle at the river during today's discovery sharing mixed emotions following tonight's mass. >> there was that moment you kind of hoped it was not shane. and that it was something else. and then at the same time, he is in god's hands and he'll never feel pain. he'll never feel rain. he'll always be happy. >> during shane's disappearance the family gave out green ribbons his favorite color. they put the ribbons on the christmas tree in front of st. john the baptist church and church adding green lights, one
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symbol of the support from the church and also the community and today his mother thanking all the volunteer organizations that helped to find him and also philadelphia police. at this time, no funeral arrangements have been made. reporting in manayunk. annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> new tonight, police are searching for the gunman behind a murder in west philadelphiach the action cam on the scene in the 5400 block of delancey street where investigators say a 25-year-old man was shot in the back of the head 7:00 tonight. he was pronounced dead at the scene. and delaware newsroom tonight firefighters had their hands full with a two alarm house fire in wilmington. the fire was reported before 8:00 tonight on the 200 block of west summit avenue. we're told two firemen were treated for injuries and crews are still there checking on hot spots. >> moving on to the weather. more rain as we head out the weekend. the action cam was trying to
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stay dry. a change in temperature is on the way. meteorologist melissa magee joins us with the first check of the accuweather forecast, hi, melissa. >> hi, walter. >> how are you doing. >> good to see you. >> good to see you this first weekend of the new year. unfortunately we're dealing with the wet weather. we'll show what you is going on double scan radar. we have the moisture starting to fill in once again for areas south and west of philadelphia, and you can see that pocket of even heavy if not moderate rainfall south and west of wilmington and plan castser and we'll go in tighter on street-level stormtracker 6 and you can see moderate and heavy rainfall moving to wilmington and oxford and middletown there in delaware and getting close to smyrna as well. encompassing areas of south jersey glassboro toelmer and millville. despite the moisture overhead there's concern with visibility. down to two miles in philadelphia and half mile in the poconos and three miles in trenton. down to just a mile in dover. so this is definitely one of the nights with the moisture coming
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on in in the southwest to northeast direction and give yourselves extra time if out and about tonight. talk about what's ahead. rain and areas of fog continue. still foggy and unsettled sunday and as walter mentioned we have rising temperatures on the way. in fact, near record warmth on sunday. temperatures in the 60s for january. walter. >> let me guess. >> that's the accuweather forecast will be coming up. >> pennsylvania state police is on the lookout for two men that escaped a prison in berks county, timothy earl hos setler and raymond earl parish set off a fire alarm last night at the warnersville correctional facility they made off in silver colored mipy van waiting for them outside. documents revealed one is held on theft charges and martinez on burglary. anyone with any information about their whereabouts is asked to call state police. >> they've identified the man they say shot his girlfriend and
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father before taking his own life this morning and investigators say 23-year-old marcus johnson of pensauken fired into a car with a woman and father inside on marlton pike. fortunately the father was able to drive to cooper. and investigators say they then stopped johnson a short time later after he ran a red light. that's when he reportedly took off and ensuing chase end whether johnson shot himself. the unidentified woman remains in critical condition and no further information is released at this time. a few hours earlier the action cam on the scene of another shooting. this happened in fishtown outside the gold club girard avenue. investigators say a fist fight ended in gunfire. two men were hit. they were taken to temple in stable condition. no arrests were made in this case. >> a plan held police at bay for eight hours overnight in levittown, bucks county. a woman last night told police her uncle lawrence ruze was threatening to kill someone was the 90-year-old mother died.
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investigators wentz to the home and found ruse refusing to come outside. swat teams funlly broke down the dirz and took him into custody. he's been submitted for a mental health evaluation and his mother was checked at the hospital for as precaution. >> people of all ages joined in on nationwide movement today. the family solidarity march for racial justice took off in philadelphia. philadelphiathe peaceful rally was organized in support of the black lives matter movement. meanwhile local high school students plotted a course for college they hosted philadelphia futures annual conference today. teenagers had a chance to learn about the college application process and better understand options for financial aid. this year's theme was blast off to college and beyond. and well more than a dozen teenagers had the chance to be stars for a nights in penn's landing and they were primpied up and pam period for an evening
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of glamour. many on autistic spectrum were able to celebrate the world premiere of the album they produced. it's non-profit friendship circle involving the school of philadelphia. much more to come on action 10 a plane crash kills entire family in kentucky exempt for a 7-year-old girl. what she did after walking a way from the wreckage. >> and local brides pick out the perfect gown and help breast cancer patients along the w we thought
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>> we are back with up credible story of survival. a little girl was sole survivor of a plane crash in rural kentucky that took the lives of everyone else in her immediate family. the injured 7-year-old walked more than a mile to find help. abc's gloria rivera ahas the story. >> it started with a knock at larry wilkins front door. >> there was a girl 7 years old bloody and told me her parents were dead and she was in a plane crash. >> the disoriented 7-year-old sole survivor of a crash that killed her entire family. >> 7-year-old came out of the woods alone scratched up and involved in a plane crash. >> the faa confirms that late friday evening air traffic control just outside memphis lost contact with the plane traveling from key west to illinois. the pilot had sent a distress call reporting one of the
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plane's engines failed. minutes later the piper pa 34 seneca crashed into a remote wooded area near kentucky. >> losing engine in heavily loaded airplane that's a tough situation for any pie sglot little sailor somehow survived trekking barefoot through the rough wet terrain alone. >> we need ems down here there's a little girl with cuts all over her. >> this is flight with flight response adrenalin and stress hormone. >> by the time the investigators found the crash site the mom, dad, kim and sister piper and cousin were all dead. the family released a statement saturday saying we're devastated by this loss. but our confident they rest in god ees loving arm. young survivor treated at the hospital miraculously with minor injuries. >> done good for a 7-year-old girl though i'll it will you that. extremely good. >> deploreia rivera "abc news" new york. >> the discovery in the search
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for wreck an flight 8501 four massive objects were spotted by sonar on the ocean floor. biggest piece is 59 feet long and 18 feet wide believed to be part of the jet body. strong surf have prevented differs from going into the water. we'll have an update on the effort of recovering the remains of passengers and crew members on board. the second of two nypd officers ambushed and murdered last month will be laid to rest. today, famingly friends and many members of the law enforcement community paid their respects in brooklyn during the wake for officer wenjian liu killed be side rafael ramos. they saluted the mayor a different scene from when they turned their backs open the mayor when they spoke at ramos's
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funeral. many criticized him for supporting anti-police protesters. thousands of australians have fled homes as brush fires popped up on the land down under. officials say it could be days before firefighters get the upper hand. sgrukttive wildfires like these are common in the summer which is right now in the southern hemisphere these are the worst they've seen in that region in decades. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist mel smell at the big board with the latest from accuweather. hey, melissa. >> hi walter. we're tracking moisture overhead. delaware and lehigh valley continues on and off as we go through the day on surprised and the good news tomorrow at least the second half of the weekend is that temperatures start to rebound and get into the 60s. unfortunately we felt the chill today. high temperature in philadelphia, 38 degrees. that's three high of average normal for us this time of the year is 41.
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record 63 setback in 2000 wire going to be in the 60s sunday afternoon. outside tonight 43 in philadelphia. upper 40s beach haivrn to sea isle city and 36 for allentown and reading and lancaster an now you factor in easterly whipped it's feeling like a bit of a chill at least in philadelphia feeling like 40. they're in allentown where the current air temperatures is 36. feels like we're at the freezing mark at 3 2. same thing for reading. here's what's going on on the big picture satellite 6 and action radar showing what we're tracking today and reason we have the moylingt tour overhead there's a warm front lift ago cross the region and this warm front continues to lift off to the north. so far, in philadelphia, we've seen a little more than a quarter worth of rainfall. but what we're tracking is area of low pressure coming out of illinois and indiana with trailing cold front and once it sbingz through we have moisture too deal with fort second half of the weekend and in advance of the cold front moving through these temperatures rise. future tracker rainfall showing
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you as we get into sunday we can find anywhere from half inch to three quarters inch in lancaster to an inch in poconos where the storm system is all said and done. the rest of the weather tonight rising and falling temperatures. you notice the rise sunday. the call from accuweather rain off and on, mild for january. high of philadelphia 66. record 68 setback in 1950. we'll look closer because the warmth continues tomorrow walter and cold air crashs in next week. details with the accuweather forecast. >> talk you to then melissa. a british nurse who contracted booel in west africa gets worse. pauline mc calferty conditions have deteriorated and she's now listed in critical condition. she returned to uk last sunday after volunteering in sierra leone. doctors are treating her with experimental blood and plasma from recovered ebola patient. >> the brides against breast
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cancer tour stopped in essington today. dresses were available for deep discounts at the clarion hotel. these brides say it's a win/win for everybody involved. >> i think women are tied to the idea of incorporating philanthropy with their special day and shop in great environment and know dress purchase is helping people. >> last year the effort raised more than $1 million. >> ducis is in for jeff with a check on sports next. later we'll explain
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>> from our delaware newsroom some of the typeest hit the night for charity in a friendly game of hockey. friendly game of hockey. never heard of that. hundreds turned out to watch the action. it benefits children with cancer. time for a check on sports. ducis rogers is live in the "action news" sports center. hey ducis. >> we'll keep it on the ice. flyers road started as a success
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cec and three straight victories and tonight wrapping it up against devils trying to avoid fifth straight loss. no claude giroux out with a leg injury. this fan with a candy crush injury. he may have been at home on the couch here the former flier scores 1-0. jager gets a hat trick. oldest player in nhl history to do so. flyers lose 5-2. lost five in a row. finish this road trip at 3-5. to the eagles, chip in charge. that sounds like a sitcom from the 80s. eagles given chip kelly power and over sights they feel he needs to get franchise a super bowl title. they give coach kelly full control of player personnel development. that used to be howie roseman's territory. he gets a bum in title to vice-president of football
10:24 pm
operations and will no longer oversee the drafts or player acquisitions. eagles were quick to point out this was nou not a power struggle between kelly and roseman. before joining eagles two years ago he spent his time ahead coach of the cleveland browns. >> walter back to you. >> thank you ducis. >> a boy's unwaving devotion tie football player paid off. dillon ikoff has worn his reggie wayne jersey for 365 straight days he received it and wouldn't take it off for a wedding. it made it to the local news and colts star receiver heard about it. that led to an exciting meeting. dillon says the only thank you cable.
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>> a police officer from monday ton tan awill wear his badge with pride. jeff and his wife welcomed the birth of their son jackson. he made appearance 4:32 a.m. guess what his badge number s 432. proud pennsylvania took him a little twhil pick up on the wild coincidence. >> i didn't realize it when the doctor announce whad time he was born at i said 4:32 it clicked like i was on the radio or
10:28 pm
something. i was like wow that's pretty cool. >> that is pretty cool. >> jackson was one of five babies born at this hospital in billing on new year's day. >> coming up in the next half hour of "action news" the very latest on the search for bodies and answers after the crash of airasia flight 8501 and why two people are suing apple for $5 million and you don't have to clean your glasses that's no mistake where you can go to find price this low for gasoline
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>> if you're just joining us at 10:30 here are some of the big stories we're following for you on "action news". crews are zooming in on the wreckage ever flight 8501 and bad weather is getting in the way of recovery efforts and survive ago caused boston marathon bomber will head to trial after a judge denied last ditch request and possible class action lawsuit against apple and why two men are suing the tech giants. now details, sonar picked up what is believed to be plane wreckage on ocean floor. bad weather is keeping crews for serving for the remains of flight 8501. >> this is the last journey home for victims of flight 8501. it begins with recovery at sea
10:31 pm
and then the boat and finally heads bowed in a somber moment. in my opinion of the dead arrived saturday at an air base in indonesia and finally flown here where they had taken off one week ago before the airasia flight plunged off radar and into the java sea for reasons unknown. the only way to figure out what happened is to find the flight record irz. sonar detected the plane submerged in water and fishing out the black boxes is now a top priority. under current and rough seas are behinderring the recovery operation. uss samson is already playing a key role in the search mission. >> between two ships three sea hawk helicopters and as we saw yesterday one of the sea hawk helicopters brought twelve victims ashore. >> they've been training for
10:32 pm
this moment to do search and rescue drills on deck. while below the high tech sensors comb the waters to see beneath the ways. >> we're relying on radar sonar, helicopters and even personnel with using eyes looking out for debris or recognizable aircraft parts. >> all of it in desperate race against time. "abc news," indonesia. >> autopsy results are pending on missing college student found dead in schuylkill river. 21-year-old shane montgomery was pulled from the water this morning behind the manayunk brewing company not far from the place he was last seen on thanksgiving day. west chester university student disappeared after a night out with friends at kildare's pub on main streets. his family was there when his body was recovered. at the very least they fulfilled his vow. >> they continue to pray for our
10:33 pm
family at this trying time we thank them. >> his body was take taken to the medical examiner and funeral arrangements are pending. >> police in philadelphia are searching for this man. casiano cruz who suffers from schizophrenia. 6' 3" tall last seen in a green jacket he's from 3300 block of north park avenue and could be in the area of rose hill and allegheny. please call philadelphia police if you have any information about this case . >> and accused al qaeda terrorist about to go on trial died in custody. officials say abu adied following complication from liver surgery. he was involved in the 1998 atarkz in u.s. embassies in tan saturday knee aand cambodia. his trial was set to begin january 12. >> trial of bombing suspect
10:34 pm
dzhokhar tsarnaev can begin as scheduled. the request was denied to delay the trial or move the trial. they say their client cannot receive a fair trial in boston. twovrjts them miami are suing apple for falsifying claims about the storage capacity in iphone 6 and 6 plus they say apple new ios 8 software did say that right you. >> got it. >> takes up 3 gigabytes storage that's 19% of available gigabytes they want 5 million in damages and seeking permission to turn this to class action lawsuit. apple has not commented on the pending litigation. similar previous lawsuit against the company was dropped. this is a sight for sore eyes. you have to go to indiana to pay prices.
10:35 pm
some pardz of hosier state are filling up on $1:50 a according to aaa the national average today is $2.21. this time last year the same gallon cost you $3.32 that's a lot of money when it adds up. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee and today was nasty. >> yeah we had showers and rain on and off today for the first day of our 2015 weekend and it looks like it will continue as we get to sunday as well. we'll show what you is going on. sky6 live in hd outside we go looking at philadelphia international on saturday night you can see lots of low clouds and moyingts tour overhead and visibility down to 2 miles. if you travel to the airport or pick someone up from the airport it's a good idea to check with your carrier and give yourself extra time on the roads. high temperature 38 degrees.
10:36 pm
as you look at numbers north and west of town we're sighting in upper 30s. quaker taken to 3. slatington 36, fleetwood newspaperer 0s and as i mentioned philadelphia high today of 38. and these numbers are coming on up. 42 in center city and 4 chester and we'll talk about the reason why these numbers are on the the rise for the rest of tonight. and during the overnight hours. it's 45 hammonton and 49 boardwalk and same in sea isle city and lower 40s hockessin to dover delaware. satellite 6 and action radar tracking moisture moving on through now. all that mixed precipitation we had earlier today brivly this morning across the north west suburbs is moving across areas in upstate new york and northern sections of new england. the warm front is lifting north and because ever that temperatures rise as we get into the overnight hours as we tap into the southwesterly wind flow. there's a cold front to the west moving off areas of ohio valley. with that we're tracking it threat of on and off rain
10:37 pm
showers. 7 pbg in the morning mostly cloudy. moisture develops from west east direction from the poconos to lancaster as well. by noontime you may not find a lot of activity going on. meektly cloudy, on and off rain and light iingt rain and drizzle. once the front moves through sunday night we have another batch of moisture on the way. overall calling for additional rainfall accumulation across the region. here's the other story as we get into the day on sunday. it's going to be wet. it's going to be warm. we're tracking that area of low pressure that cuts into the west just like a lot of storms have been doing so far this winter and with westerly cutting storm you tap to southwesterly winds meaning high in philadelphia 66. record 68 setback in 1950. we should typically be in lower 40s this time year. so talk about what's on the way tomorrow. near record warmth for us sunday. on and off rain continues. overall calling for additional three-quarters inch to inch of
10:38 pm
rainfall across the region once the front moves on through colder air to follow for the start of the workweek. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. mild tomorrow, high temperature 66. monday windy and colder 39 degrees. tuesday we're tracking weak clipper system that moves on through. check out the high. 30 degrees. with afternoon snow showers developing. on wednesday, below the freezing mark. in at 31. and arctic blast settles in on thursday. high of 3. and temperatures start to rebound on friday. walter with high of 33. so the 60s tomorrow and then 30s and 20s later on. >> rebounding to 33. not good. >> in somewhere. >> thank you melissa. >> still ahead investigation is underway after a police officer or police chief in georgia shoots his wife. what happened in his own words coming up next. >> you can help bring a hit-and-run driver to justice. a family in philadelphia certainly hopes so. tonight's crime fighter's
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pass. "action news" learn the man killed on delancey street was a limo driver and they think he was shot by his passenger. he was slumped over in chrysler blopinging to a car company. the victims girlfriend was inside the car when the gunfire
10:42 pm
erupted but she was not injured. they believe the motive was robbery. the suggestion suspect's name was not released. 911 recordings were released linked to shooting of a woman who is wife of police chief in georgia. he is the one that shot her the police chief said. >> oh my god how the hell did this happen. >> that's peach tree city police chief calmly reporting shooting moments after it happened. he says they were both asleep on morning of new year's day when his daement issued glock discharged you have the police of chief. >> yes sglun fortunately yes. >> who shot her. >> me. >> how did you shoot her. >> gun was in the bed i twaent move it put to the side and it went off. >> during part of the recording you can hear margaret mccullum moping in the background. she remains in critical condition with gun shot wound to back. georgia bureau of investigations plans to interview margaret
10:43 pm
assuming her conditions improves. >> a son who lost his father is coming for you to help to find a hit-and-run driver. here's rick williams with tonight's crime fighter's report. >> the start of the new year is not easy for the family of patrick coil senior. it's been two years since the 50-year-old was struck and killed while trying to cross city avenue near precedential boulevard in philadelphia's wynnefield heights section. it happened at about 2:30 a.m. on tuesday january 1 2013. the driver fled the scene. >> coil aetion son described him alive of party. >> funny guy. easy going. helped out and spoke out to people. just really good sechbs humor. trying to make other people happy. >> witnesses of the accident were able to give a vague description of the vehicle gold or silver four door sedan
10:44 pm
there say reward. that reward will go to anyone with information that leads to arrest and conviction of the person responsible. anonymous tips can be given at 215-546-tips for "crime fighters" i'm rick williams for
10:45 pm
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>> a bob cat sure veevd a wild ride any arizona. take a look. the animal was hit by a car. the driver thought the bob cat was dead. he found the bob cat still alive in the grill. >> it basically had not used up any of the nine lives which is a miracle. i felt very badly that it had been hit and i thought i had killed it. but it is definitely a new year's miracle. >> that's one tough cat. animal control responded to free the bob cat. he's now being treated and is expected to fully recover. there you have it. >> ducis rogers in tonight with flyers news. >> no claude giroux tonight they decide to sit the captain after he suffered a cut to his lower leg in the last game. not sure his presence would have helped tonight.
10:48 pm
michael rothwell is busy but means nothing if you cannot win games. former flier scores 1-0. flyers another one jager again. look at defense. 3-1 after 1 and jager gets a hat trick in second period.. oldest player in nfl history to do so. flyers lost 2350eu6 five in a row and finished 3-5 their road trip. >> big news for the eagles chip kelly now runs the show. he'll be in charge of all personnel decisions including nfl draft. kelly will hire someone to replace tom gamble who left earlier in the week. pro football talk says eagles assistant director player personnel and manovic is a serious candidate.
10:49 pm
>> i'm sure eagles sat home watching the wildcard game and thought we could beat either he of those teams. despite rain atepts, former temple coach now leading the cards bobby whitaker takes the screen from cam newton. carolina takes 20-14 lead. meanwhile, arizona 77 yards of total offense. lowest toll in nfl playoff history. panthers win 27-16. in afc wildcard game pittsburgh tonight these rivals are meeting third time this season ravens five point lead over steelers we're in the 4th quarter. >> college basketball villanova on a roll. 13-0 record matches best start in school history and cats ranged 6th in nation and they run ton a bust seaton hall knocked off st. john's earlier in the week. governor christie looking for
10:50 pm
his -- hiliard drives baseline. scores 14 point. big game for daniel sheverd 19 points 24-4 goes for high 'nova up three final seconds game tied hiliard for the win. all right. going into over time. in ot to carrington. good move. 17 for him off the bench. 'nova stunned, 66-61 in ot. st. joe having a hard time against george washington. coach not having a big win. st. joe's falls behind 0 points in the second half. serious come back. deandre leads all of 22 and cutting the deficit to 23. hawks are unable to get the ball back despite the scramble. st. joe's losses 64-you 60. drexel hosting elon. dragones short-handed playing with 8 players are shad london
10:51 pm
former roman catholic standout knocks down three but not enough elon wins by ten. two other local scores lasalle losses to george may ton 70-62 and delaware goes down to northeastern 72-53. busy night in sports. >> very good. thank you. >> ducis i almost called you jeff. sorry. >> if rain has you interested in seeing a new movie this weekend options gambling crime hauntsed mansion, it's all there. tamala edwards has a look of what is going on at the box office. >> looking for something to see how about a movie couple crime trauma and horror flick owe to keep you on edge of your seat. first up gambler remake of 1974 film this time starring mark wallburg and jessica language. >> relation. >> this is my son. >> i can't see resemblance you. >> know what i want is $260,000
10:52 pm
in cash. >> is everything okay. >> who needs that amount of money in cash, nothing is okay. >> wallburg is literary professor gambler and risk taker. he borrows from a gangster and offers his life as collateral. he had to bow owe money from mother and loan shark and further is a relationship with a student. this is within i would like to see. most violent year crime trauma set in early 80s. >> my husband is not my father. not even close. so if i were you i would start treating us with a little more respect or i guarantee he will make it his mission in life to ruin you. >> the film tells the story of ambitious immigrant and family during 1981 most dangerous year in city history and the family tries to expand business and
10:53 pm
capitalize on opportunities as rampid violence and corruption of the day drags them in and threatens to destroy all they built. the woman in black ii angels of death is a sequel to the 2012 horror >> it's 40 years after arthur tips investigated the first haupting this time a group of children are taken to the remote mansion to escape world war ii london. the longer they stay in the house the more the awful past of residence unravels themselves and the evil spirit threatens them. the techer does all she can to protect the children and discover the truth of the woman in black. thank you cable. for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you... we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. the
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numbers don't lie. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability, and hd picture quality. so join the millions who enjoy the difference fios makes. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two whole years. plus now get $400 bonus with a two year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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time for a final check of the accuweather forecast. >> we're tracking rainfall. moderate, if not heavy along the 95 corridor and areas south moving across vine land, new jersey a. rming, and dover delaware. >> this continues overnight for the second half of the weekend. day planner showing you temperatures rising despite the moisture and 50s in the morning and 60s by the afternoon. near record warmth tomorrow maxing out at 66. meteorologist chris sowers will have the latest tomorrow morning
10:57 pm
on 6abc. >> sowers is ready. >> always on. >> always ready. >> thank you melissa. thank you for joining us. celebrity name game 2308 owed by celebrity feud. for melissa magee, ducis rogers and jeff skversky. i'm walter perez, have a great
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welcome to philly pheud. i am your referee of tonight's match. let's meet our competition. here is team blue. - hi, i am brian stevenson with team south philly. we are here to represent the babe heffernan memorial fund. i'm here with dorette, michael and dawn. time to get her done. - philadelphia's known to be a tough city, let's meet team red. - i am councilman ed neilson representing northeast philadelphia. today our team from northeast is playing for philly play with councilman heenan, mike driscoll and john capello. we are here to send those south philly people right down the delaware river. - we are in search for team that knows the most about philly. - philly pheud on pho 17 is presented by sugarhouse casino.


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